We have a number of Adult Sites and we would like to trade links with you, if you are interested. I WILL PUT A RECIPROCAL LINK to your website on ours. We have a high traffic, original content, which is both classy and unusual. I am hoping if we were link partners you and I would both benefit. The demographics of our surfers are college educated adults with credit cards. If you believe your website has a similar theme to ours ... or our site will compliment each other ... IF INTERESTED PLEASE Click Here

Dave Stevenson (Webmaster)

Guidelines with additional ADULT REQUIREMENTS (*):

1. Our Requirements:

When you contact us tell us the following:

  • State the theme of your site 

  • Site Owner is at least 18 years old.

  • Your site must at least have 3000 hits per month (State how many hit per month your site gets?)

  • You must state you meet all requirements of  18 U.S.C. 2257 Compliance Notice << (see our notice) (*)

  • Must provide Reciprocal Link. Send us a active hyperlink to the page where we will be listed.


Also you agree that:

  • Your Links Page has a hyperlink from almost every page on your site, do not bury our link so nobody will ever find it.

  • There is a limit of two (2) web site links per individual/company (if you have many sites see note2)

  • We will not link to Sites on Free Hosts

  • No more than THREE banners on your link page.

  • No pop-up consoles or exit consoles (on you links page)

  • No more that 2 pop-ups on any page on your site (I hate circle jerks)

  • No hidden enter links, no blind or misleading links. No links on images to other url's.

  • We absolutely will not list sites containing warez, beastiality or child porn. 

  • We will list & link your site to Adult Sites such as Click Here

  • If you play games with us you will be blacklisted.

  • Finally, at our sole discretion, we reserve the right to refuse trading your link if we find your site distasteful, poorly designed or does not follow our requirements.

  • AVS sites are accepted and will be listed as AVS sites. (*)

  • AVS sites, but MUST have at least 15 clickable high res thumbs in the 'free' or 'tour' area.  a 'pg13' rating is fine on these pics but they NEED to be there.

2. If you have multi sites maybe we can trade links for WE HAVE OVER 75 SITES TO TRADE LINKS ON click here (provide a list of your sites)
3. We allow more sites if the first two you submit are sending in a share of traffic.  If you're first couple of sites send some traffic (5 hits a day) then we'll gladly list more sites.

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