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RePlay TV: Set up for Internet Video Sharing:
I had the hardest time finding all the info needed to get set up, so I hope this helps someone in the future.
1. Here are Basic Steps to getting started:  
Steps: Menu Items:
a. On your RePlayTV:
Setup Internet Address Identity (Keep it short & simple)
Add an Inbound Port Number (5 digits or accept default)
Entering Internet Identity on ReplayTV
1 Press Menu on the remote control and choose Menu
2 Press Setup.
3 Select Internet Identity and Address Book from the Setup screen.

The first time you enter the Internet Address Book you will be prompted to name your ReplayTV. This screen will display your ReplayTVs Internet Serial Number and prompt you to enter a name to identify your ReplayTV on the Internet. This name is different than its in-home network name. After entering a name, the Internet Address Book will open.

The Internet Address Book has the following options:
Add Entry: This option lets you add a friendís Internet Serial Number to your Address Book so you can send recordings to each other. Selecting this option displays a new screen where you will be prompted to enter the Internet Serial Number of the entry you

wish to add. Once entered, your ReplayTV will contact the remote ReplayTV to retrieve its name and the entry will be added to your Address Book.

Change Internet Identity: Selecting this option lets you change the name of your ReplayTV and specify the port number of your routerís firewall that will allow others to send you shows.

To change the ReplayTV name
Type in a new name for your ReplayTV using the on-screen keyboard. Your ReplayTVís name will not be updated in a remote
ReplayTVís Address Book until the next time that unit is contacted.

ē The port number is one that you have programmed on your router to open and allows access to your ReplayTV so friends can send you shows directly. Please refer to your router manual for instructions on Port Routing.

ē The available range of port numbers must be 00000 or within 01024 and 65535.

More on How to Configure IVS

b. Setup the Network & Input Settings Entering Networking Information Manually on ReplayTV
1 Press Menu on the remote control and choose Menu then Setup.
2 Choose Network and Input Settings from the Setup menu.
3 Choose Change Network.
4 Choose Change from Automated to Manual and enter the information.
c. On your Router:
Open the router setup make the changes needed.
How to configure my Router
Read the Replay manual: 4000 | 5000 | 5500
as to how to sent and receive shows.
Setting up IVS is a two-part process. Router & IVS Setup
Test your Internet Video Sharing (IVS) IVS Test  
d. Find People to Share Shows with:
Show Sharing Groups: 
RePlay Planet


Google RP Sharing

. (Most Active) 
Show Request Form
. (Most Active) 
Show Request Form
1. More Details and Trouble Shooting your Setup:  
You can use Internet Sharing software with the ReplayTV. The ReplayTV must be on the same network as the computer with the Internet Sharing software. If using Internet Video Sharing, your Internet Sharing software must support Port Forwarding.
2. How do I configure my Router (open a port) for Internet Video Sharing?
3. Where do I find the IP info on my Router?
4. I can't send any shows.
5. Connecting the ReplayTV 4500 to your Router
6. How do I configure my Linksys BEFSR router for Internet Video Sharing? More Router Setup Help Click Here 
7. I can't receive shows on my ReplayTV 5000.
8. Glossary of Terms
9. Troubleshooting Guide Thread
Before you Ask Thread

RePlay TV: Scheduled Recordings updating when record date/time changes?

Replay will look on the days you have defined for the show in the original time slot +/- one time slot forward and back.

For example if you defined CSI for Sun-Sat 9pm, it would record CSI if it showed up anywhere in the roughly the following range 8pm, 9pm, 10pm Sun-Sat.

Technically it is only one time "slot" forward/back, so if CSI started at 7:30pm and was 1.5 hr special, it would be recorded. If it ran 7:30pm to 8:30pm and there was a 1/2 hr special sandwiched in between from 8:30pm-9:00pm, then it wouldn't record because it was more than 1 time slot from originally scheduled time.

The other way you can program is to use Theme recordings, which will record CSI anytime during the day not matter what channel or what time. However, Theme recordings are low priority and might get preempted by something else.

RePlay TV: Record RePlayTV to Computer DVD

RePlay TV: Tip #2-Accessing ''HIDDEN CODES'' features (Jim's Tips)
Here are several undocumented button press combinations that will invoke some useful features and tools. The syntax is to press the number keys shown and then press the "Zones" key...

111 + Zones Puts the Replay in "game" mode after you have entered either "Joshua" or "Tic Tac" into the Claw Foot Portal. (see below on how to access the CFP.)

411 + Zones Shows you information about your ReplayTV box including the serial number, the software version, the most recent connection, etc.

243 + Zones brings up a "utility" menu that lets you force a network connection, toggle a network meter, memory meter, position display, and several other utilities. The bottom of the screen is also the infamous "Claw Foot Portal" (CFP)

382 + Zones On 4xxx series and higher, this lets you reset your ReplayTV to factory defaults. If your ReplayTV becomes unstable, or if you want to resize the photo partition, this is an excellent option. Note: This will erase all shows, ReplayChannels, and Program Guide data! If your ReplayTV box is an earlier model running the 3.x software, use 777 + Zones instead.

243 + Zones While in the Setup Menu lets you modify some IR remote settings letting you control two different Replays with one programmable remote. You can also adjust the HUD transparency. here on older models.

876 + Zones When the machine is next rebooted, this will take you through the full setup process.

887 + Zones While in the Setup Menu, this displays a list of ReplayTV development credits.

888 + Zones While in the Setup Menu, this displays some very funny Haiku poems written by the ReplayTV development team.

999 + Zones on 5080 shows "DownloadQueue requests: ISN" screen. This is a "mockup" of a screen. The data is fake and the same on everyone's box.


RePlay TV: ReBoot RPTV System (more)
If your player freezes up or is not acting right.
Soft Boot: Press and hold the power button on the front of the player for 10 seconds.
Hard Boot: Un plug the player (be sure to turn the player power off first)

RePlay TV: Channel Guide Problems
Q:   How do I force a manual connection to download the channel guide? My channel guide is short or missing some days.
A:   Follow these steps, on the Replay remote:

1) Press Menu on the remote.

2) Choose Setup from the menu.

3) Scroll to Connect to ReplayTV Service Now.

4) If you don't have this option see directions below.

Q:   There is less than seven days of channel guide information in the ReplayTV channel guide. What should I do?
A:   Follow these steps, on the ReplayTV remote control:

1) Press 2-4-3 on the ReplayTV remote, followed by the ReplayTV Zones Button

2) Select #4, 'Net Connect' from the menu.

Q:   How do I clear the corrupted Channel Guide. 
A:   Follow these steps, on the Replay remote:

1) Press 2-4-3 on the ReplayTV remote, followed by the ReplayTV Zones Button

2) Select #2, 'Clear Channel Guided' from the menu.

3) DO NOT PRESS ANY BUTTONS, the software will reload in about 2 minutes (via broadband, longer via modem) and wait for a blue screen will appear, which says "No Video Signal Dectected"

4) REPEAT STEPS 1,2 & 3 a second time.

5) Press 2-4-3 on the ReplayTV remote, followed by the ReplayTV Zones Button

6) Select #7, 'Net Connect' from the menu. Will take about 15 minutes (via broadband, much longer via modem) and wait for  the replay to restore to normal mode


If your problem persists contact SONICblue Technical Support at for further assistance.

RePlay TV: Can not find Network & Input Setting - Sub Menu "Setup Summary"
1) Press Setup
2) Press Input & Internet Setup
3) Press Input 1 - Set to nothing
4) Press Input 2 - Set to nothing
5) Press Keep all Settings
6) Press Input & Internet Setup (again)
7) Press Zip Code (insert correct zip code)
8) Press Input 1 - Set your setting
4) Press Input 2 - Set your setting

Q. RePlay TV: I can not receive shows on my ReplayTV 5000?
A.  Check List: Click Here 

Q. RePlay TV: I can't receive shows on my ReplayTV 4000?
A.  Check List: Click Here

Q. RePlay TV: I can not  receive shows from others, but I know I am connected to the internet?
A. 1). You to check a number of things first, as follows:
Check List, Can you:
  • Update, RePlayTV unit, the via the "Connect Replay Now"?
  • Was it working previously, (ever received a show)?
  • Ping the RePlayTV unit from your computer?
  • Add addressed successfully to your address book.
  • Send shows to others.
If you answered ALL questions above YES: see below: If you answer ANY question above No Click Here

A: YES I can do everything on the Check List above, so check the following:
  1. Check your Router Fowarding, Open your Router Software.
  2. Go to Advanced Tab and choose Port Forwarding.
  3. Are your settings correct? If YES then you problem is something else. If NO then reconfigure the settings.
  4. How do I configure my Linksys BEFSR router for Internet Video Sharing?
  5. More Router Setup Help Click Here and/or Click Here

Q:   ReplayTV Player locks up transferring additional information?

This is fixed in the 5.1 and later software releases. If your unit hasn't updated to 5.1 yet, here are a couple simple things to try to get past this point.

1) Force the ReplayTV to connect.

2) During the connection, the unit might stall at one of two places. Either at "Transferring Additional Information" or "Checking for new software."

3)If the ReplayTV stops at either spot for more than 10 seconds without any more updates, Restart it.

4)To restart, hold down the power button on the ReplayTV until you hear the fan turn off. Then, release the button and the unit will start back up. You should see a please wait screen when it's restarting.

5) You should repeat this process until you get past the point where the ReplayTV is stalling.

Forcing A Connection

1)Press Menu, Setup, and choose "Connect to ReplayTV Service Now."

2) If you don't have that option:

3) Press 243 + zones on your remote. Choose #7, Net connect.

NOTE: For users, please unsubscribe from Just check the "unsubscribe" box before you login.

To verify you're not subscribed, press 411 + Zones on your remote. At the bottom of the screen, it should say MyReplayTV NOT Enabled. You can sign back up once you've updated to 5.1 or later.

Q. RePlay TV: My Replay 5XXX Seems to have locked up?
A.  Symptoms: 
1: The Remote is working (the red light on remote flashes when button is pressed)
2: The Replay Unit does not respond. The unit and/or the Blue "ON" light does not come on.

A. 1). You to check a number of things first, as follows:
Check List, Can you:
  • Is the RePlayTV unit plugged in?
  • Is the networking light on the back of the unit on?
  • I have another remote? If you have a 2nd Replay unit or a Universal Remote . . .  Try another remote control.

A. YES I can do everything on the Check List above, so check the following:
Q. My ReplayTV is not responding to commands from the ReplayTV remote control. What should I do?

1. Check your Remote: 

1) Press the blue ReplayTV button on the Replay remote and verify that a red light blinks on the remote control. 

2) If the red light does not blink check the installation of the batteries or install fresh batteries and then repeat step 1.

3) Confirm that there is a direct line-of-sight between the remote and ReplayTV's IR emitter (and neither unit is in direct sunlight).

4) In the event that the ReplayTV is still not responding to the remote, attempt to reset the ReplayTV remote by performing the following steps:

Press and hold the Code set button until the remote light flashes twice

Press 9-8-7 and remote light should flash twice

Press 0-0-0-1 and the remote light should flash once

2. Try a Soft Boot: Press and hold the power button on the front of the player for 10 seconds.

3. Try a Hard Boot: Un plug the player (be sure to turn the player power off first)
Just disconnect everything like you're going to pack it up and ship it, then hook it all back up and try again. That's what worked for me when I had the problem. Wait at least one minute then plug in the power.

4. Try Disconnecting the Ethernet Cable: If using broadband, disconnect the ethernet cable until the ReplayTV is finished booting. With the ethernet cable connected, it may take as long as 5 minutes to boot, and then still be unable to communicate over ethernet. With the ethernet cable disconnected it boots in about 1 minute.

I've found this also solves DHCP communication problems during initial setup.

5. Exaggerated Hard Boot:

Do this at least once:
unplug it for an exaggerated amount of time. From evening to morning or from evening til after work is good; you won't be using it anyway. I've seen a faint but distinguished pattern of this sometimes solving the problem.

Do this at least once:
After booting it up give it an exaggerated amount of time to figure itself out 20 min is probably fine, about the same amount of time it takes to shower and remember it's out there trying to boot.

6. Is There a Problem with your Hard Drive?: 
Generally a problem with the disk, either bad file, bad sector or bad software from an upgrade. The solutions, there are not many. Generally you have no control at this point, the system won't get far enough in the boot process for user input...

First this is the best way to "reset" the replay.
1) unplug the replay power from the jack.
2) unplug all connections from the replay
3) press power button a couple of times.

Steps 2 and 3 are very important, electricity coming in over the coax, RCA or ethernet connections can be enough to keep parts of the replay "live" you can't get a true reset until all juice is gone. Pressing the power button helps to ensure the stored energy in the caps and such is discharged.

After that these questions are important:
Is the replay in reboot loop? On the SS series there was a problem where the system partition was having files corrupted. The only solution was to reimage the drive. This could very easily be the cause on the other replayTVs too.

If the replayTV is still covered by DNNA and you haven't opened it up and upgraded the drive. RMA might be the best option, sucks for DNNA, but if the unit is a refurb it might be the best option. There could be more problems further down the road. Sucks cuz it costs the DNNA money...

If you opened the replay, it's not under warranty or you've upgraded the drive....


Open it up, take the disk out, run maxtor's diagnostic software PowerMax

Maxtor's Hard Drive Diagnostic Tools
If no errors were reported in diagnostic scan LLF (low level format) is a good option. Disk problems LLF is always a good idea, LLF maps out bad sectors on the disk. Bad sectors can cause all sorts of problems on PVRs because PVRs don't generally write verify (with good reason). It's assumed the write worked without problems. On system files this could be fatal.

Reimage the drive with the images available online and with RTV_Patch
ReplayTV OS Images

RTV_Patch Link

7. Contact Replay Tech Support (see if they can ID the Problem) click here Also try Replay FAQs
Replay Faq's1 
RePlay Faq's2
RePlay Faq's3

8. Is your Replay still under warranty? Contact Replay Tech Support click here or Support Phone:  (1-800-933-5899
When calling tech support, if you hear "Welcome to the ReplayTV technical support line..." hang up and hit redial. That is the India office where this troubleshooting guide will be sent. BUt since they don't have it yet, you don't want to talk to them if you actually have a problem you want resolved. Keep dialing until you hear, "You have reached the technical support queue...". This is the Texas office.
9. Your Replay is out of Warranty? Check these forums & resources:
 AVS - Leavens FAQs -PlanetR FAQs -  FAQ UpGrades - Dagoras MacRePlayTV 

More Resources


Q. RePlayTV: What is DVD Archive?
A. DVD Archive is a Free Software Program which:
1). Allows you to move/copy your ReplayTV shows to your PC or Mac Computer.
2). Allows to watch those shows on your computer.
3.) Allows you to watch your shows which are on your ReplayTV on your computer.
4). Allows you to watch the shows you archive to your Computer on your ReplayTV.
5). Allows you to manage your RePlayTV(s) from your computer.
6). Frees up space on your ReplayTV

Q. Can I manage more than one RePlayTV Unit with DVDArchive?
A. 1). Yes, in fact, this one great reason to use DVD Archive.

Q. How much disk space do I need on my computer?
A. 1). The more hard drive space you have the better.
2). A 1 hour show creates a xxxx GB file so a if you have 20GB's available you can archive xx 1 hour shows.
3). Also you can archive on more than one drive.

A. 1). 

Q. Where do I get it and find more information on DVD Archive?

DVArchive | DVArchive Faq's | SourceForge Mail Archive

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